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Welcome to MultiVPS – your new gateway to the world of fast and reliable website hosting!

How did we come about?

Our story began with dissatisfaction with the quality provided by hosting providers. We were in search of reliable and fast web servers but encountered issues with slow loading speeds, unresponsive support, and other shortcomings. As a result, we made the decision to create our own hosting service, taking into account all these factors to ensure that your websites operate smoothly and swiftly.

Based in Estonia, we have set our sights on expansion by placing our servers in different countries, aiming to provide maximum convenience and speed. We don’t just settle for random equipment and software choices – we employ specialized solutions based on Linux, guaranteeing server stability and lightning-fast data processing. Our web server, powered by nginx technology, ensures rapid page loading, delivering a comfortable and enjoyable experience for every visitor to your site.

Our main goal is to provide webmasters with a fast and reliable platform for creating and hosting web applications with high-speed resource loading.

So, why choose MultiVPS?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Fast hosting for your website – we guarantee maximum loading speed and stable performance for your site, ensuring that visitors don’t waste time and remain satisfied.
  • Up-to-date software – we keep up with all server software updates and offer fresh versions of PHP, providing you with the flexibility to choose the version that suits your project’s needs.
  • Data security – we understand the importance of safeguarding your files. That’s why we perform regular backups on a separate, dedicated disk, ensuring the security and ability to restore your data at any time.
  • Encrypted data transmission – we provide SSL certificates (https://) for secure data transfer, prioritizing the security of your users and complying with modern security standards.
  • Software solutions – we utilize powerful and trusted components developed by a global community of developers. From Apache and PHP to MariaDB, Python, and Node.js, we integrate these technologies into our platform to maximize the capabilities and flexibility of your website.

Join MultiVPS today and gain access to a fast and reliable platform for your web projects. Give your websites the opportunity to thrive with our dependable hosting service, where speed and stability are our top priorities!